R.S.V.P. required (seating is limited). Please call to schedule 9784680606

Spinal Health Workshop 101

Thursday, March 16th 6:30 PM

Stressors and Deficiencies: Answering the 3 most common questions about mechanical injuries and rehabilitation.

1). WHAT? “What is going on?” (i.e. what is causing my pain?) Understanding what tissues (ligaments,muscles, articular cartilage, bones,etc ) become deformed during injury will help you to understand what strategies are needed to fix it.

2). WHY? “Why did this happen?” Let me explain why mechanical injuries often occur without any obvious traumatic episode. Daily repetitive stresses build up and can cause our muscles, joints, and ligaments to stiffen. This often means we become tight, immobile, and weak- a true recipe for disaster. We will discuss why sitting, phones, and computers can be the silent stressors that are slowly damaging our bodies and causing pain.

3). HOW? How do I fix this so it doesn’t happen again?” The hows are the nuts and bolts of healing. How do you combat stressors (like gravity) while correcting deficiencies (like poor posture)? Learn how to Stretch the tight, Strengthen the weak, and Mobilize the restricted areas in order to prevent future problems. 

Moton is Lotion. Pliable is Reliable. Stable is Able.