Hi Jerry!

I wanted to give you the great news that not only was I able to finish my marathon this weekend, I shattered my goal of making Boston Qualifying time by running a 3:19! Even more amazingly, I did not feel ANY pain in my foot. I am absolutely amazed at being able to go from limping with tendonitis three weeks ago, to having no pain whatsoever during the race. It still doesn’t hurt, 30 hours later.

I can’t thank you enough…


(It is with some trepidation that I include this next testimonial on our website. I am humbled by this story and do not want to create a false impression that we can help everyone with all of their ailments. I am grateful to have played a part in Dean’s early life and feel honored by Ali’s account of her experience in my office.-Dr. Jerry)

I came to see Dr. Jerry  (my first experience with chiropractic care) while I was pregnant with my second son. Getting regular adjustments from Jerry made that pregnancy much more comfortable than the previous one.

I knew that seeking chiropractic care meant that I was taking good care of my body, and I felt the difference.

Toward the end of the pregnancy, I developed a series of unforeseen complications, which resulted in my son, Dean, being delivered unexpectedly at 35 weeks.

I had an unusually large amount of amniotic fluid and Dean was hardly moving in the womb at all. After what was the scariest month of my life, we clung by Dean’s side in the NICU amidst all sorts of monitoring, tests, and visits by specialists, and we found out that Dean had Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS).

Like many babies with PWS, Dean had very low muscle tone. In Dean’s case, his tone was so low and he was born so weak that he could not even move his head or his limbs a lot of the time. My heart broke seeing my baby boy struggle in this frail body.

We saw a huge team of specialists, and Dean received physical therapy through Early Intervention. These were all great, but Dean still was so weak and lifeless.

As soon as Dean was released from the NICU at 5 weeks old, I knew that I had to bring him to Dr. Jerry (truth be told, I considered smuggling Jerry into the hospital for adjustments while he was there!).

I didn’t know exactly what Jerry could do for Dean, but I knew that he had a gift of healing hands and surely he could do *something.*

I brought him to Jerry and I think the first time I did, I just cried the whole time. He and Sandi were so gentle with me and I’m thankful they were there to support me too as I tried to figure out how to help my sweet little Dean.

Jerry put his hands on Dean’s head and neck and I’ll never forget… the tiniest adjustments from Jerry’s hands and Dean came ALIVE. I mean truly, he moved his arms, legs, and head while lying on that table like he had never moved before!

In Jerry’s hands I saw strength come into Dean’s body. I saw that it affected him, and that healing of some kind was taking place.

I made sure to bring Dean as much as I could after that, each time so encouraged by how the adjustments brought life to him.

Unfortunately, we moved to another state shortly afterwards, so we could not continue seeing Dr. Jerry for our chiropractic care.

Dean is almost 2 now and is doing great. He still has many challenges, but I think back to those times with Dr. Jerry taking care of him and the hope that it brought to all of us.

-Ali S.