Ear Infections

Over the past many years, many parents have passed through our doors in the hopes of finding a cure to their child’s ear infections.  Although I cannot say that we have been 100% effective 100% of the time, I can say that treatment has been very favorable for most of the children.  My experience is that a chiropractic adjustment helps to restore proper nerve functioning to the middle ear, allowing the eustachian tube to drain properly.  Otitis Media is often the result of improper drainage.  This results in a build up of fluid that can put pressure on the tympanic membrane.  This fluid may become infected.  Rarely, however, have antibiotics been demonstrated to be the desired course of treatment.  This has been demonstrated by different studies. (Click here to read article about The New England Journal of Medicine’s research about ear infections and the ineffectiveness of antibiotics.)

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-Dr. Gould