Let’s Play

Why can’t health be fun?  Is there something in our training that says health has to be boring, taste bad, or even too serious for enjoyment.  I say, let’s play.  Let’s celebrate the the wonderful ability of our bodies to function.  I appreciate my body’s ability to breathe, pump oxygen, digest, store energy, sweat, urinate, and sleep.  Knowing how cool my body is inspires me to want to take action to promote greater health.

I choose to celebrate health because I like it more than not celebrating.  I love a good party.  I’ve discovered that promoting health is much more fun and effective than fighting disease.  As a friend of mine once told me: “If you want to get out of the dark, don’t fight it.  Just turn on a  light”   I know that some people fight cancer, have wars on bacteria and battle against autism.  But maybe there is another approach. Maybe we can spend more time finding the light switch.

Health can be fun.

Smiling increases brain serotonin levels.  Laughter increases the immune response and heart function.   Dancing is a beautiful workout that increases metabolism and muscle tone while decreasing stress and fat storage.  Singing increases lung capacity and brain development.  Hugging strengthens biceps,  rotator cuffs, and friendships.   Eating exercises our masseter muscles.  Walking stimulates brain function.  Movement lubricates our joints.  Our bodies support our play and our play supports our bodies.

I say let’s celebrate.  Let’s choose to honor how really amazing our bodies are!

-Dr. Gould