Why do you get sick?

To keep it simple, there may be three reasons why you get sick:

First, there may be something lacking that you body needs in order to work properly.  For this discussion, let’s call this an insufficiency.  A car that does not have a tire suffers from an insufficiency and can not work properly.  A body that does not have the proper nutrients or proper spinal alignment has a insufficiency and can not work optimally.    Your immune system may not be functioning as well as it could be because it is too run down or lacking important nutrients.  This is called “suppressed immunity”.    Genetic factors may fall under this category as well.

Second, there may be something in your body that is toxic and not allowing your body to function properly.  We call these toxins.  There are many different things that are toxic to our body’s health.  Some toxins are handled immediately and quite strongly, like exposure to smoke that causes coughing and tearing, while other toxins may need to be in great amount (such as sugar) before we recognize our body’s response.  A toxin in any amount is not “good” for the body, but some toxins are more easily handled than others.

Third, It may just be time.  I have no other explanation.  But I have observed that sickness is sometimes a part of life.   If my experience changes, I’ll let you know.

What is a normal physiological approach to staying healthy?  Maximize sufficiency in our body and limit our exposure to toxins.  Exercise, eat whole nutrient based foods, keep good spinal alignment, practice meditation, and smile.  Decrease toxins by avoiding or minimizing nutrient deficient foods (sugar and processed grains).  Use natural soaps, deodorants and detergents.  Avoid toxic cleaning chemicals, alcohol and trans fats.  Aspartame is a known carcinogenic.

Obviously, there is a very long list for ways to create health sufficiency and avoid toxins.  I have limited the list to keep things simple and inspire you to explore what you can for yourself. 

When you honor and listen to your body, it is amazing what it will tell you.

Dr. Gould